Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Little visitor

Last night when I came home, my wife showed me a little visitor on my bonsai spruce forest. This bee was flying around for a long time on our balcony, seemingly looking for something. Then after careful consideration, it landed on this little spruce, attached itself with its "mouth" and begun cleaning itself with all six feet. When this was done, it went to sleep. I took a few photos of the bee. By the morning, it was gone.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Plum in flowers - again

My plum is in flowers again - actually the flowers have already begun to wither, that's why I didn't bring it to our show. The blossoms would fall even faster indoors in the warm. I whish it flowered just a few days later.

Not too much has changed since last year; but two small branches have died and are now turned into jins. Still a beautiful tree for me.

European hornbeam and hawthorn - two of the trees I'm exhibiting

Currently I'm exibiting four trees in our spring show - the small coreana from the last post, the big maple (Acer ginnala) and these two trees.

The small european hornbeam has now fully leafed out.

A five-trunk hawthorn - it's pretty difficult to photograph this tree because it looks cluttered on the picture even though in reality it's graceful and airy. I think of this tree as a clump of trees leaning over water, hence the little pot holding water and a white blossom it it.
The tree would look better in front of a white background but I didn't have a white background wide enough - this is a rather large group.

I have collected this tree in 2005 and originally intended to style it as a windswept. This side on the picture actually became the back side when I realized what a great feeling it has when you imagine yourself under its outstreched branches on a river bank.

Small corean hornbeam - update

An update of my little coreana from two days ago. Currently it is exhibited on our spring exhibition in the University of Horticulture.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Small corean hornbeam

This is a small corean hornbeam that I have bought last year. I pruned, wired and repotted it two weeks ago.
The first picture is as it looks now, the second one was taken two weeks ago during pruning and wiring.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Small hornbeam waking up

This is how my little hornbeam looks like tonight. I have repotted it this year.
I like the light, airy, spring feeling of this picture :)

Originally I have bought the tree in early 2006 when it had a fairly dense branch structure but branches were going in all directions so I have pruned away most of them.

This last picture is from spring 2007.

Dynax 7d

Not a bonsai but still not far. I loved the rhythm.
I have bought a camera last weekend and shot about 1000 photos, this is one of them.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A drawing by Rudi Julianto

Rudi Julianto from the Internet Bonsai Club was so kind as to share his vision of my hawthorn with this great drawing. Thanks a lot, Rudi, this sketch has made me even more enthusiastic about this tree!
I think I can get here in two years, at least I will try!


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