Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring flowers again - blackthorn

This is a sloe (blackthorn - Prunus spinosa) that I have acquired last spring. It was about twice its current height but I have cut the top part because it was too much curves for one plant :) I have a picture of it from last year but I just can't find it now...
This year I have potted it into this oversized pot and did some cutting and wiring. It's still a bit chaotic but that's it for now. The base of the trunk is really bad, I think I'll have to disguise it with some extra deadwood (tanuki-like). But the flowers are very nice :)

The first picture is as it looks like today, the second is a virtual in a smaller pot and a slightly different potting angle.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flowers, Bees, Prunus...

I have this little Prunus (some kind of ornamental Prunus species, maybe incisa or serrulata but I'm not sure) that I'm trying to growing in a broom style. Because it's flowering so nice I've brought it up on our balcony. This morning I have noticed a big bumblebee flying around and landing on this tree.

Two years ago I have rooted a little cutting from this tree. It's really tiny, about 10cm high, yet it's flowering.
It was overwintered in an unheated room and was the first tree to bloom this year, in the middle of march.


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