Friday, March 21, 2008

Big maple updated

The leaves are beautiful on this maple now -
little Anjou lilies unfolding.

With Homo sapiens for scale.

Hawthorns updated

Leaves are coming out on my hawthorns - here is an update of the one I have repotted two weeks ago.

The literati hawthorn looks like this now.

Three years of a field maple

I have acquired this collected field maple (Acer campestre) four years ago from György Rácz. Three years ago, in April 2005 it looked like this:

This week I have pruned and wired it. Btw. I had to realize again that its not a good idea to prune a field maple in early spring as it bleeds heavily. The photograph shows it rotated and with a new pot set in front of the tree, which I think would fit well with it (though maybe it's a bit big).

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring is here

The leaves are coming on my Acer ginnala.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Some trees repotted

These are some of the trees that I have repotted this spring.

First, a literati hawthorn that's gonna look really great in about two years if I manage to create some branch structure on top.
I have collected it in 2006 but the first year it did nothing, not a single leaf has appeared. Apparently it didn't really like being moved but it was not obviously dead so I kept watering it (pretty unfrequently as it didn't use too much water). Then in spring 2007 it has sprouted, and I have wired it lighly. This year I have potted it up in an upright position.
The first picture is from March 2008, the second from March 2007.

Second, a hawthorn that I have bought in 2006.
The first picture shows how it looked like when I have bought it in 2006, and a video from all sides.

The second picture is still from 2006, after the first styling.

The third picture shows how it looks like today, after having repotted it last weekend. This is going to be one amazing tree! Now the roots sticking up high above soil level look stupid but I didn't dare to remove those, it will be done with time. It has a very good nebari under the current soil level, so once I manage to get rid of these roots up high, it will really be a killer one!

This is my Picea orientalis, which was a regular christmas tree. I have already posted its progression on this blog here.
This picture shows it after repotting. Of course I wanted to pot it up fully upright but the root structure didn't allow it, in fact I have removed a lot of roots even to be able to pot it up like this. I can only hope it will thrive.
The tree looked better last year after it was wired (see the above link) but the wire has begun to cut in some of the branches so I have removed those, and now for some time I'll leave it like it is, because I don't want to stress it any more.

Egyetemi Bonsai Club session - 2008.03.08.

Last saturday we had the first practical session with the club this year. Time for repotting, I took two trees and I have potted them up - a spruce and a hawthorn.

Here are some pictures from the session.

Three wise men.

Árpád Nagy is working on Zsófi's hornbeam.

The top of the tree has been removed.

Zsófi is repotting the hornbeam.

Zoli was working on his windswept hornbeam. It was pretty hot and humid in the greenhouse, and also a lot of people for too little space, so after some time I have moved outside.

Some of the finished trees: my picea, two buxus trees and my hawthorn.


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