Friday, May 8, 2009

Min Hsuan Lo in Budapest

On April 14th, Min Hsuan Lo has visited Budapest and our bonsai club had the honour of seeing him doing a demonstration.
He was working on refining an old hornbeam. It was a great pleasure to see Min's demonstration as for me he is one of the greatest bonsai masters I know of, with a very unique style.

Ervin Katona, the president of the club and Min are greeting each other. Min has received the 25th anniversary plaquette of the club from Ervin. Min was talking about 2009 Asia-Pacific Bonsai Ehibition that he will be heading in Taiwan.

First the future front of the tree was chosen. Min has evaluated several options and even had the audience vote for the front.

Sanyi Papp was helping during the demonstration with the wiring.

Min with the finished tree that turned out great.

After the demonstration Min has answered some questions of the audience, among others he was talking about his personal style and how he sees bonsai.

See you next time!

Min Hsuan Lo in Budapest - an amazing event for me!

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