Friday, May 8, 2009

White lilac in flowers

My lilac is in flowers - I love this tree!

With me for scale.

I have found this tree in 2006 in a flower shop just around our corner - interesting how it got there... Of course I have bought it!

The tree in 2006, marked with red where I haved planned to pruned - eventually I have left the left-side thick dead branch. I have to thank Walter Pall for his advice on the Internet Bonsai Club on this tree!

The lilac in August 2006 - it has sprouted vigirously after havin cut back in the spring.


TBD said...

Your lilac bonsai looks great! We have a lilac growing in our garden, and I was thinking of air-layering one of the branches to start developing a bonsai. I have a cherry tree that I started in this fashion, and it seems to be a quick way to obtain a thick trunk.

I look forward to seeing more photos of your lilac bonsai as it develops. Nice work!

András Nagy said...


Sorry for the late answer, and thank you for the compliments, I'm glad you like the lilac!
Btw. I have two bigger lilacs still in the ground :) I have found that lilac is very tough when it comes to reducing roots, is it not an option with your one to dig it up as it is?

I have never tried air layering with a lilac, though I have now three air layers "in process". One is on a hornbeam, that had a real bad nebari, I have posted a few pictures of it earlier on this blog.
An other one is on a wild cherry, I have checked it this spring and it has produced a lot of roots, but I have not yet separated it. The third one is on a field maple that I did because this way I hope to make two good trees from one :)

Have a nice time doing bonsai,


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